Feel free to use the resources below to help incorporate Whooo's Reading in your classroom, or to share the program with others at your school. Please reach out to us if you want more resources than those here!

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How It Works
A basic one-page overview of the Whooo's Reading program

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Presentation Slides
To help when sharing Whooo's Reading with others

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Pricing Plans
A side-by-side comparison of our plans and how to find funding

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Teacher Video
A short walkthrough video to help teachers understand WR

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Student Video
To play for students to introduce them to WR

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Getting Started
A checklist for getting started and a letter to send home to parents

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Autograder Scoring
The research behind our autograder and rubrics by academic level

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Research Studies
Three research studies that demonstrate the efficacy of WR

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Help Center
Have questions? Search keywords in our help center to find answers.

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Our official WR logos

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Many different color owls

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Owls in various scenarios

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A variety of owl outlines