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Teachers Love Whooo's Reading

Teachers trust Whooo's Reading because it is the most effective and authentic way to know who is actually reading and understanding their books.

Students get personalized feedback.

Let Owlfonso remind your students, while they write, to do things like cite evidence and answer all parts of the question, so you don’t have to.

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Know who's actually reading.

See instant quiz results and data reports from our research-based algorithm, telling you exactly where students need support.

Trusted by Teachers

Over 250,000 teachers have used Whooo's Reading

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Multiple Grades Teacher

I am loving Whooo'sReading! My lowest students are successful and writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization. My higher students are using advanced punctuation. All my students are learning to cite text evidence, and Owlfonso is doing all the teaching. My class is highly motivated to do their best so they can earn more points to buy stuff in the Owl Store and "level up." I'm thrilled!

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Multiple Grades Teacher

Once I introduced Whooo's Reading to my small groups, the students began to show more interest in the stories that they read. They enjoyed seeing their friends build houses and change their appearance on their classroom tree (And I got to see what books my students are interested in). Also they took delight in sharing their reviews with one another through the application. Thank you for helping my students improve their reading and writing skills!

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6th Grade Teacher

I've used Whooo's Reading with my middle school students for just over a year now and absolutely love it! My students keep track of their independent reading and answer questions/take quizzes during class time. I can adjust the question level to differentiate for my lower readers, can set goals for students, and reward students who go beyond the requirements. The best part about it is that the program gives students feedback to improve their writing and automatically scores quizzes, which means I can focus in on helping specific students rather than spending all of my time grading.

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3rd Grade Teacher

This is a wonderful tool for helping students write detailed answers to open-ended questions much like the questions on our state tests. Our class practiced by using a short read aloud and doing the first quiz together. Once students had the hang of it, they were motivated to use the program!

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6th & 7th Grade Teacher

This a great program for all learners. I like how this program offers a diversity on focus skills that students need to improve on. Also, the program includes question differentiation depending on teacher preference. Highly recommend to use.

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5th Grade Teacher

I love how easy it is for my students to use. They think it is cool that Owlfonso helps guide them through their written responses. I use this app in conjunction with my students' digital independent reading. It is a way for me to keep them accountable for their reading when they are away from the table with me.

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