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The Impact of Whooo's Reading

Growth of Non-Proficient Readers

Students reading below grade level improved 3X more than projected, based on beginning and end of semester Moby Max Tests.

Non proficient readers 0dc6cfcf9428435d2ef3f70ea467b9b33b09ab6d3846e703a943c27e918d675c
National average projected growth
Readers at or above grade level
Readers below grade level

Students Gain the Confidence to Master Challenging Texts

After using WR for one year, students chose to read more advanced books. Students who began the school year reading books below-grade level showed particular improvement.

Close gap 15b04925c593a43151b2b2c367d31146c7ecae22100f4b8f630e13544b3ee67a
Change in text complexity (Lexile)
  • 400
  • 300
  • 200
  • 100
  • 0
Projected Growth
All Readers
Struggling Readers

Impact on Overall Growth

Two classes using WR improved 50% more than a control group of two classes at same Title I school, based on beginning and end of year MAP tests.

Overall growth af1b8cbe9044c6daa8ecf1aea28872fa3c08d777219b7d5ad4283505f1708b50
Average increase in RIT score
  • 8
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
  • 0
National Average
  • Students using WR
  • Students not using WR

What Our Teachers Say

Quotes 2 6577ad218ae38001009e5565a963d595be52f94a04c4ed953697ca6985329fce

I love Whooo's Reading. I was a spectator in my kids' reading process before; now I am a participant. I feel that other reading programs have killed my kids' love of reading and your program has been such a savior. I honestly think it could be part of a revolution in the reading and writing worlds.

Becker 837462a2413bcb02e672d683ff1575d31a6d7e0d758f7336ec3930b049ad04f9

Traci B.
8th Grade Teacher

Quotes 2 6577ad218ae38001009e5565a963d595be52f94a04c4ed953697ca6985329fce

It has inspired my students to share their love of reading and has given them a platform to share what they know. In an educational world where we are constantly looking for real-life applications, it doesn't get any more real than Whooo's Reading.

Barber 1929c22a1cf58be3f46a1ef8d90d8b978a5a1c2c80a2c69093ce1738aa9c689f

Lorie B.
5th Grade Teacher