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Motivate students at your school to read every day, encourage them to develop their comprehension and writing skills, and monitor data on student growth and achievement.

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Proven Growth In Reading

A nationwide study of Whooo's Reading students showed significant reading Lexile progress in the 2014-2015 school year.

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What Educators Say
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We really push Accelerated Reader at our school to enhance students' reading habits. Whooo's Reading did as much in six weeks as we have been able to do throughout the year.

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Kathy Brandenberg
Elementary School Principal

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This data allows me to conduct class-based interventions or reading conferences for students who are struggling or are simply not reading enough outside of school. This data is also great for parent conferences or meetings to support at home reading.

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Amanda S.
4th Grade Teacher

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By motivating readers through positive feedback and sharing, Whooo’s Reading develops a consistent practice of reading, which translates to improved student achievement. I believe Whooo’s Reading is a valuable addition to any literacy program.

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Janice Jones M.Ed.
Reading Specialist
Fontana, California

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