Reading Accountability Without Multiple Choice

Whooo's Reading is a higher-level thinking alternative to multiple choice. Get your students writing about what they read. Re-associate reading with joy.

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500,000 Students have taken quizzes on 500,000 different books on Whooo's Reading.
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Goodbye A, B, C, D
Stop relying on multiple choice
to know whether your students are reading.

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Hold your students accountable
with higher-level thinking quizzes.

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Quick & Easy
Receive automatic scores on written responses:
just as simple as multiple choice!

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Give your students 100% positive
reinforcement for reading and writing.

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Higher-Level Questions
Help your students think deeply
instead of picking A, B, C, or D.

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Transform the reading experience from isolated
to social and foster conversations about books.

How It Works
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Next Book


Students choose anything that interests them to read.

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Stop using multiple choice and re-associate reading with joy.

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Owl Avatars Motivate Students To Excel

When students read and write about their reading, they earn Wisdom Coins to spend on their Owlvatars.

Mateo ccce8ca0194f57e7e35b082576654ed05610a6fefa8a73fb45fd9ee9aa8eee52 Mateo, Grade 7
11,000 Coins

Izzy 0b62c852b91435ed6709037f2a3858fcc2a310c6bfe432a907e6eb4e66d2973e Izzy, Grade 2
8,000 Coins

Liam 60ce922e9126dbedd217c83b7d6fb1d5713a7e124a92c171edfdf60bef10dab6 Liam, Grade K
9,000 Coins

Ava 0837705500fd5a05e5138019f265e6b920a7d780177b238cbf970864613533d8 Ava, Grade 4
12,000 Coins

Jordyn 6b2fb754375f32bd12396f0e48c68549ee1fd1cf6b5cd98f19b4701b2a35fe33 Jordyn, Grade 5
2,000 Coins

What Our Teachers Are Saying...
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Whooo's Reading has been an absolutely invaluable part of my literacy time! Students are motivated and engaged in high level questions that address key reading strategies. I can't say enough good things about this program!

Beck 404e727d62896d6cd9b9c5ab6ccc2e3624170786ea03af2b954520bf171b58f5

- Catherine B.

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My students have shown improvements in reading comprehension by using the graphic organizers that support my instruction in the reading text structures. The activities are easy to differentiate to the needs of my students and are very engaging and fun to use. The most important benefit that I have found with Whooo's Reading is that the activities provide a direct springboard into my writing instruction, providing a tool to organize my students' thoughts and lead directly into their explanatory and persuasive writing assignments.

Lords 0f83151147a37926d3ab843d2f1cde15bd31c56561e81c2760ed42fb8e627eb0

- Sherri L.

Hold your students accountable for reading without A, B, C, or D.

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